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    “FOREVER EVIL: BLIGHT” conclusion! Witness the self-destruction of John Constantine, who might just be more vile than any of the villains in FOREVER EVIL!


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    Forever Evil Blight:Part 18 -And in the End... 0

    The big battle is in motion with both the JLD and Allies fighting Felix Faust but will they win or will they fall and what will John Constantine do... Good:We are at the end of this crossover and I have to say there are a somethings here that seem either rushed or put there for future stories.The one thing that I enjoy is the art of Cifuentes which were good and gives the book someone to look and the writing of DeMatties is good but it was lacking in a few places I think.i enjoy the character...

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    Setting sun 0

    So we come to it at last, after 3 months and 16 issues spread across 4 books, Forever Evil: Blight draws to a close.And what do we have as a conclusion? Sadly, not really what I think is a worthy conclusion to something that's had this many chapters.Let me explain: The first half to three-quarters of the Blight books have revolved around John Constantine and his emergency Justice League Dark's pursuit of mainly Zatanna, the rest of the JLD and at the same time deal with the entity known as Bligh...

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    Final issue and blight storyline review 0

    Final issue review (2/5 stars) :There were several problems with this issue but my biggest complains relate to Constantine and Zatanna´s portrayal and the relation of this storyline with the main Forever Evil event.-We learn that in this issue there are 2 Constantines and the actions of one of them have the opposite reaction I thought it would have considering how Constantine has behaved through this storyline; they also seemed to appear and disappear from frame which frustrated me - Zatan...

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