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Ewwww.... You got your Dan Didio in my Justice League Dark

The Good

I don't have much good to say about this issue. I have been a huge fan of the Justice League Dark title since Jeff Lemiere has started writing on it and Lemiere is rapidly becoming one of my favorite writers. I like the magical side of the DC Universe and this title is a good venue for that corner of the DC world.

The Bad

But of course, everything that I love in the Justice League Dark title is absent from this book. Instead we have Ann Nocenti writing for a Dan Didio story and I am not a fan of either of these two. I had given up on Nocenti during her run on Green Arrow, and I was thankful that Dan Didio's title OMAC got canned. So it's no wonder that I didn't enjoy the disjointed and overly campy dialogue and the lack of any real story. Bad one line after bad one liner is regurgitated into a story that runs in place and doesn't really go anywhere. Its hard enough to follow the logic in the sequence of pages in this book and even harder to understand why this is even a Justice League Dark title? Creeper hasn't made any appearances in and Justice League Dark book that I have read. In fact, he lives in the blade of Katana, so why isn't this a Justice League of America Villian Month title?

The Verdict

You're not missing much if you decide to skip this book. I know I wish I had.

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