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A natural disaster

Warning spoilers, yada yada yada and all that. So once again I'm checking out these villain month books to see their quality from a new readers perspective so I went into this one blind. Haven't read any Justice League Dark or Katana(where this version of the Creeper is from). That said I am familiar with The Creeper overall which certainly colored my perspective a bit to say the least.

The Good:

The art is actually pretty nice for this one and it's got some genuinely neat moments. I can see a lot of things that would be interesting if this were a new character rather than The Creeper. The very start of the issue for instance is actually pretty good in my opinion.

The Bad:

This isn't the The Creeper. I don't care about the reboot argument or anything like that, this character just feels so completely separate from any version of The Creeper I've read and it really irks me in the worst way. Seriously I don't understand why they DC didn't just create a new character for this concept. Speaking of the concept, it feels kind of weak to me. The whole "turns into a monster at night" thing is sort of warn out for me personally and The Creeper's randomness doesn't really offset that problem for me.


Personally I didn't enjoy this one, but it's plain as day that my dislike of this change up on a classic character had quite a bit to do with that, so newer fans should take my words with a grain of salt. That said people who do like this new direction for The Creeper should check this one out as it fleshes out the character quite a bit for better or worse. Katana fans should probably also be looking here, as this issue makes a future confrontation seem quite likely. Justice League Dark fans shouldn't be too quick to pick this one up as I honestly can't see any connection it has with JLD.

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