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Justice League Dark #14

Graham Nolan provides the art and for the most part the art looks very good. The thickness of the line is refreshing and provides a tone that slightly different then the normal. He also manages to add a creepiness to the House of Mystery. The story is really filler but it's a lot of fun and does a great job at setting up for the next story. Black Orchid, Amethyst, and Frankenstein explore the house of mystery and it provides a lot of fun humor to the book after a very serious story. Constantine and the others don't have as much fun as they are searching for the missing members. The end of the issue should be seen by everyone who hasn't been reading but are looking forward to the Trinity Wars. Constantine's board is filled with information that really makes us question other heroes of the DC Universe and it really portrays John as a character that doesn't trust anyone. 
Mikel Janin really gives this book a tone that they should keep. The artist isn't bad, but comes nowhere as close to the great work we get from Janin. The story is also a filler and provides little details on the next story, besides the last page.  
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
Justice League Dark is probably near the top of Best Team Book from DC and it's largely due to Jeff Lemire being able to write the character so that they are likable and very fun and because the art looks so damn good. If you want to get into this series, this would be a decent place to start, but the next issue might be a little better. If you like any of the characters on the cover, this is a can't miss for you.  

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