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Exploring the House of Mystery 0

The GoodThis issue mostly focuses on The House of Mystery. Orchid, Frankenstein and Amethyst are exploring it, and it was certainly exciting to see all the different rooms and what kinds of dangerous creatures they contained. And I may wrong, but it might not be over. When the three finally seem to find the way out, the scene changes to Constantine, so what they think it's their ticket out of the "house" may actually be another one of the many traps inside it. Although those scenes stole the com...

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Justice League Dark #14 0

THE GOOD: Graham Nolan provides the art and for the most part the art looks very good. The thickness of the line is refreshing and provides a tone that slightly different then the normal. He also manages to add a creepiness to the House of Mystery. The story is really filler but it's a lot of fun and does a great job at setting up for the next story. Black Orchid, Amethyst, and Frankenstein explore the house of mystery and it provides a lot of fun humor to the book after a very serious story. Co...

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The Secrets of the House of Mystery 0

After all the nice things said about this series, as well as the release of the new Constantine series I finally decided to try this series, and I'm very glad that I did, as the Books of Magic storyline was phenomenal, and this series as a whole as been one of the most unique series I've read from the New 52, and I look forward to seeing what comes next.PlotJohn Constantine talks to A.R.G.U.S.and there top expert Johnny Peril about trying to find Zatanna and Tim Hunter, whilst Frankenstein, Blac...

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