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The house of Mystery!

I only just started reading this series and utterly loved it the last issue was one of the best DC stories I have read so I hoped for good things with this issue.


Constantine takes his team to the house of Mystery. Inside the house Constantine explains what the House of mystery is and what the books of magic are. Andrew Bennett leaves but Constantine reveals that upon entering this house they are magically bound to it. All the team members leave the room apart from Constantine who plays with the map to the books of magic and unleashes the demons three. Steve Trevor meets with the captured Faust.


I love the direction this book is going in with the books of magic and the team in general. They are a pretty odd bunch of characters and I love seeing them together in a team and its interesting how they interact with each other you could do a lot with this team and how they interact and it’s great how Lemire is blending character development with a truly great story. This issue doesn’t drop in quality compared to the last one while there isn’t as much action we get some great character moments and it develops the story well. Lemire is playing with some large concepts and sometimes it becomes confusing but he handles it very well and is crafting a great story.

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I love the dynamic with this team everyone knows you can’t trust Constantine and he knows they won’t trust him so he has to play a few tricks to get them to help him and the one with the House of Mystery was a really neat twist and proved what Constantine would do to get what he wants it added a lot to the issue and was one of the most interesting part of this issue. I also love the dynamic with Black Orchid and Constantine, Black Orchid is basically his babysitter (as said in the last issue) I love what happens in this issue with her and what Constantine has to do to stop her from keeping him from getting the books of magic. Constantine virtually betrays everyone including Zatanna I knew what Constantine was saying was a lie but I liked how it was said and linked into the scene. This adds a really interesting plot to the book as you never really know what Constantine is going to do and how the team is going to react to what he does next.

I also liked the appearance of the house of mystery I know it will have a large part to play with the overall story since you can't just keep it as a headquarters this really does give the book a magical feel and with the books of magic Lemire is using the big magical locations and objects of the DC universe and he doesn't overload the book so it becomes confusing.

I also liked the little scene with Madame Xandu in and the future she sees I love what we see in these pages and it raises some interesting questions about Constantine and what will happen with the books of Magic.

I also liked the little explanation as to what the books of Magic are and who created them to a new reader like me this helped with the background of the story and who created them and this little explanation didn’t feel like exposition and felt actually like Constantine was saying it.

We do get a little more with Dr Faust in this issue as I liked him in the last issue and I wanted to see more of him. We get to see him and Steve Trevor have a little conversation and we know Dr Faust is up to something and it was an interesting scene and I love how he tormented Steve Trevor.

We do get a little action scene in this issue and we are introduced to some new villain they do seem interesting and I hope we see more of them in future issues. The action scene itself is quite short but it sets everything up for the battle next issue.

The art by Mikel Janin is always good and he is fast becoming one of my favourite artists he fits the book so well and draws the action scene brilliantly and they are very dynamic.


This is a slow issue I normally have a problem with slow paced issues but this is necessary to the overall story so I don’t have a problem. This was a great issue not as good as issue 9 but that’s because it’s a bit slower pick these issues up there really good and it’s one of my favourite new 52 books.

5 stars

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