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Original Concept

Originally this feature was supposed to be a tie in between the "Justice League" and "Justice League Unlimited" seasons called "When Worlds Collide". Some factors are obviously left in the script such as the acquisition of Wonder Womans Invisible Jet, and the development of the new Watchtower and it's teleporter, Also, the seventh member of the Crime Syndicates "heads" is Zauriel (an analogue for Hawkgirl who was the Leagues seventh member in the Justice League series). The script Dwayne Mcduffie wrote was mainly kept intact, but due to Warner Bros. animation studio becoming defunct, It was decide to be released as an original, individual feature

Catchy dialogue

Superwoman: "I take it back. You are much crazier than I am."

Owlman: "Don't get in my way."

Superwoman: "On the contrary, <smooch>, I'm in."


Just like other DCUA Original Movies that came before this one, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths has received very positive reaction.The World's Finest, one of the first sites to review the movie, said, "...the film ranks up there as one of Dwayne McDuffie's better works in the animated DC world and even though it’s reminiscent of stories we’ve seen in animation before, the brilliant work done by Moi, the directing by Sam Liu and Lauren Montgomery, and story make it more than worth watching again."

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The superhero Mirror Match. 0

Taking place on an alternate Earth, the leader of the Justice League, Lex Luthor, flees to the present day Earth. He contacts the Justice League for assistance to battle against an organization called the Crime Syndicate to save his Earth. The Justice League finds themselves in deadly battle against their opposite numbers. -summaryWhen looking at these direct to DVD releases on the Justice League, it only furthers my point that the television series still had plenty of potential to produce some ...

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Justice League Crisis on two Earths 0

This film was an excellent use of the multiverse. I love the use of the Crime Syndicate. One thing I didn't like as that to an average comic book animation fan there is confusion as to which Earth the Syndicate is from. It's not important to the story but still people who didn't recognize it as Eath 3 would have liked to know where our beloved heroes were traveling to . One of my favorite parts is a great plan that owlman has. I also noticed that the main storyline revolved a lot around batman. ...

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