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    Justice League Antarctica is a group of reformed super villains and G'nort, created by Maxwell Lord. A decidedly less than professional team, they were mostly assigned to Antarctica to keep them out of the JLI's way.

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    The Justice League Antarctica formed from Major Disaster's Injustice League, disbanded following their recent defeat by the Justice League. Shortly thereafter, Major Disaster and Big Sir run into their former teammates in a New York City unemployment office. Believing this was a sign, they reformed the group for a crime spree, attempting to steal a highly valuable diamond. Once they arrive on the scene, they encounter a team of thieves who were already attempting to steal the same diamond. A battle ensues, and the Injustice League is victorious, but are unable to steal the diamond before the police arrive, and appear to have foiled a robbery.

    The newspapers soon begin calling the injustice gang heroes, which leads Major Disaster to speak with Maxwell Lord. Believing it best to keep the team close and out of trouble, he had them join the Antarctica branch of the Justice League, placing the dog-like Green Lantern G'nort in charge of the team. G'nort, taking the position of team leader seriously, also invites another member to the team, the Scarlet Skier.

    While the rest of his team sits around the base, G'nort took it upon himself to regularly patrol Antarctica. G'nort finds a building that had been filled with genetically altered killer penguins which had slaughtered the scientist's and broke free. By chance this penguins attacked the arriving Scarlet Skier, who manged to get away and meet up with Big Sir, and retreated back to the base. There, an arriving G'nort came to warn the team of the killer penguins. Once there, an earthquake levels the base, trapping the team underground in one of G'norts Green Lantern's force bubble. The Justice League Antarctica was soon rescued by the Justice League International. After this Maxwell Lord, deciding the branch served no true purpose disbanding the team. But he did allow several members to remain reservists for the League, and during a period when Maxwell Lord was in the hospital they served as his personal bodyguards.


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