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"His Martianness has gone out to dinner and a play with Kilowog a

So this was one of those many old JLE comics that i had thrown aside to read later, cos they didn't look too important. I guess it's still one of those "fillers" as the anime fans say, cos it doesn't contribute much to the stories. Still, if it adds to show someone's character, it's still a story. The entertainment value in this issue is actually very high. I felt sorry for G'nort, this was the first time I read something he was in and i didn't know if i should laugh at his plight or be sympathetic. It's ridiculously cruel how this character is portrayed and i guess you could say that it makes readers think about stray animals, how they're abused, and how they have nobody to protect them. I have no idea why i would associate this with that but that's what happened automatically.

I was unsure about more things too, like if this comic was more about G'nort, or if it was about the rare moment we see Kilowog being happy and friendly. or about the even rarer moment where we catch J'onn J'onnz freaking out! So J'onn's problem is that they can't be seen in public like how they are, but it doesn't occur to either Lantern to use the Power Ring? (Kilowog talks about an offer so maybe he's not in the Corpse yet, but that's kinda odd). No instead they actually buy clothes with money that they credit to their benefactors account. Cos you know, Maxwell Lord sponsors the comic book and you gotta put in some advretising?

This comic has so many fun elements, provided by five members mainly, from G'nort and Kilowog planning to "hit a few dozen bars, hear some music and hit on some babes", the way Guy Gardener adviced them to, (really people? you'd take that guy's advice?) and the Martian Manhunter's many episodes, to a bonus: Booster Gold's return and chatting with Beetle, while Fire and another female member (who might have been Fire again) walking around, with no lines, probably so that the horny ones don't get bored or something. It also has a weird take on "Hero-Phobia". I wouldn't say the comic was excellent but it definitely was really entertaining and unique. Once again, the fact that Manhunter freaks out is enough reason that you should own this comic.

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