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The comatose Steel, Hank Heywood III, was destroyed by Despero

The issue starts out with 5 pages of Spy Magazine and Wally Tortollini's article about what the Justice League America throws away. The magazine goes on to make accusations that Lex Lutor is really Big Sir, Clark Kent is really Superman and Guy Gardner is really a pineapple. This leads into Tortollini learning the Spy will not print his story, and he quits. It is later learned that Vivian D'Aramis killed the story.

Meanwhile Despero lands on Earth looking for the Justice League that humiliated him years ago. His first victim is Steel, who is still in a coma. Despero kills him and moves on to Gypsy.

He finds Gypsy's family and kills them and waits for Gypsy to get home. Gypsy tries to run away but Despero gives chase. Luckily Martian Manhunter's mental link with Gypsy causes him to arrive just in time to stop Despero from killing Gypsy.


  • Steel is destroyed.
  • A Mr. Miracle robot appears in this story.

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