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Dr. Teasdale leads his zombified horde to Simon Stagg's plant in Europe, in "Breaking Point!"

The Teasdale Imperative Part 3 of 4.

Somewhere in the Balkans at sunset, Irwin Teasdale launches his chemical weapon on unsuspecting UN troops and the joined members of the Justice League America and the Justice League Europe, who are there to stop the "vampire plague" that has destroyed at least two other European villages. Luckily the two superhero teams are able to escapes being infected but the UN troops and villagers are not so luckily and are quickly transformed into mindless vampire type creatures.

While the now mindless hoard is doing Irwin's bidding the JLA and JLE are forced to retreat. But before Irwin has time to enjoy his victory The Grey Man appears and reminds him of his true target. It is also revealed at this time the Doctor Fate and The Spectre's conversation with the Lords of Order, didn't go well and that what the Grey Man does is none of the Lords business.

Meanwhile 15 miles away the JLA and JLE try to regroup when a helicopter from Stagg Industries, with Simon Stagg aboard arrives. Simon explains to the teams that he needs there help to stop the horde, because he knows where their heading. This is when it is revealed that Irwin created the gas that changes people into mindless slaves at Stagg Industries. But unknown to the heroes, Stagg had Irwin test it on an unwitting village and once it worked Stagg tried to have him killed. Irwin only survived because the Grey Man stepped in and made a deal with Irwin, he must now continue his revenge on Stagg so that The Grey Man could collect the Soulstuff.

Back at Stagg Ind., the two teams set up a defense but Irwin and his horde are about break down the fences and get to the large storage of "Vampire gas" that Stagg has been hiding.



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