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The League call in Amanda Waller to deprogram the brain-washed Blue Beetle.

Oberon goes down to Bell-Reeve to ask for Amanda Waller's help in deprogramming Beetle (see last Issue for what happened), she excepts and flies up to New York where Max, J'onn and Batman have locked Blue Beetle in Max's office and have barred anyone from seeing him until they figure out what's going on.

Waller meets with Max, J'onn and Batman and they explain the Queen Bee has brain washed Beetle and they need Waller's help to undo the programing. When Waller meets with Beetle she mistakenly says the trigger phrase, "Biayla my Biayla". This causes Beetle to attack her but because Beetle is still hurting from his battle with Huntress and Batman, Waller is able to knock him out.

Waller then explains to Max and the rest that she will try hypnoses on Beetle but Queen Bee may have set up fail safes in Beetle Mind to stop that. They agree to try and it seems to be working. Beetle relives being back in Biayla with Booster watching TV, then they get hit with sleeping gas, then when beetle wakes he is in the presence of Queen Bee and Jack-o-lantern. Before he can learn anything useful one of Queen Bee's fail safes in Beetles mind trips and Beetle has a stroke and goes into a coma.

Once Beetle is taken to the hospital Waller apologizes to Batman for failing. Batman doesn't blame her, he knows the team needs the help of Doctor Fate.

Meanwhile the rest of the team deals with the fat that Beetle is in trouble in their own ways. Booster plans revenge, with Ice. Oberon and Fire get closer. And Guy beats up a litter bug.


  • The cover is a homage to the movie poster of The Exorcist.

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