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Blue Beetle tries to kill Max Lord!

Blue Beetle is on Monitor Duty when a phone call comes through and after Beetle answers it and has a odd conversation he proceeds into the kitchen. There he finds Max and Oberon, he then grabs a knife and stabs Oberon and Max. The screams bring Guy Gardner and Fire to see what the commotion is. Oberon stumbles out of the kitchen and able to utter "Beetle...Max... Knife" before passing out in Guys arms.

Guy leaves Oberon with Fire to check on the kitchen but Max and Beetle are gone and he is about to chase after them but Fire screams and Guy goes back to her. Meanwhile Max is trying to escape Beetle who is chasing him and ranting about not being a joke anymore. Beetle gets Max cornered but Max is saved by the Huntress.

She shot Beetle in his leg with her crossbow and knocks him down. She tries to help Max but then Batman shows up. He thinks Huntress caused the damage and instead of explaining what happened Huntress runs away. Batman is about to give chase but then Beetle comes to says "for my beloved Queen" and attacks Max again. Batman stops Beetle but Huntress is gone.

Back at the Embassy Max explains to Batman that Beetle must be mind controlled, even though he seems back to normal now they will need some help finding out whats going on with Beetle. Also they need to figure out what happened to Fire when she was with Oberon.

Note: This is the first time Huntress meets Batman

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