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So many questions 0

So many questions indeed:Why does Hal have a ring and behave like a dick in present days? Where is all the character development from GL, written by the same Geoff Johns?Why does Batman disrepects the JLI like that? Why does Geoff Johns humiliate Batman twice in one issue?Why does Etta Candy look like that? And why isn't she with Steve Trevor? Are we really going back to a Diana-Steve Trevor romance?Why is Trevor threatening the US government? Does Geoff Johns know the differences between the JL...

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Geoff Johns Earns An F In Sociology 0

Sigh. Look, it's better than the Green Lantern banner because I get the point of this one. It's not hyping a movie that didn't need extra hype, and its for a good cause. But it doesn't change the fact that the "We Can Be Heroes" banner is a huge detriment to the covers its on. It especially isn't helping this cover, which is a crowded mess to begin with. Everyone is shoved into the same space along the middle of the cover, with meshing colors so I can barely tell anyone apart. Then the backgroun...

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Style over any substance from Johns 0

The Justice League is now brought to the present and we have guest artist Gene Ha step in for Jim Lee.The Good:With the team now established and everything brought into the present, that means less time introducing each character and a little more time on story development. We have a little bit of both in this issue with the introduction of a new villain posing a minor threat and a focus on Steve Trevor this time around. The new focus on Trevor is a refreshing one and his "relationship" with Dia...

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We Need a Change 0

THE GOOD: The art in this issue ins't Jim Lee and it kinda effects the feeling of the book to me, but this artist is also a good choice. He draws great character expressions and I really glad that we got to see another artists interpretation on these characters. This issue is a good issue for fans of Steve Trevor... and I'm not sure there are many die-hard Trevor fans. This issue kinda sets up how things are now for the Justice League and how they are to the public. This is informative on how th...

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JLA Fail to deliver 0

It's been awhile since i have done a review so bare with me here!The good:As with previous issues there was more then enough action, mixed in with devlopment. We get an understanding of how regarded the JLA are and what the people think of them. We also get to see things from the eyes of their handler and how much leverage the JLA have. Bar that I don't have much more good to say about the issue, the art was pretty average in my eyes but it was not awful.The Bad:The characters don't seem any dif...

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Bummer 0

Issue #7 was a such a let down. I expected more of this issue since it was the first present-day appearance of the League. The art was not the best fit, and the League barely showed up in it.Please check my mini-review here: Shazam! backup in Justice League #7 was interesting; especially because this new Billy Batson is a jerk. People don't seem to be happy about Sivana, though; he looks too "Lex Luthor". The story was also way too decompressed.Please check my mini-Review ...

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A rocky start to the next story arc 0

Sometimes the bridge to greatness is shakyThis comic is like thatIt lacks the high action that it had in the first issues. Personally, JLI is a more entertaining read than this one if all the chapters have this, despite Batman's mutteringThe spore character is a bit.....well he's not really the kind of villain the JL is supposed to fight. A solo hero could have handled him, and his sort of science based form means that even two of the cancelled guys; Mr. Terrific and Static, could have taken him...

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Johns, we all expected more than this 0

The beginning of a new arc! Let's crack down on this issue!The Good:We get some Steve Trevor character development, and for the most part, it was pretty good.It was good to see the League working together now. Although many say that they don't seem to be a team, and that they're the same as they were before, if you look at the bigger picture, they do seem to be more together than they did five years ago. I think everybody's main concern is just that Hal is still an ass to Batman.I liked "Spore's...

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Five Years Later 0

Here is my video review for Jusice League issue 7. In this issue the Justice League goes against a Spore Virus....

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Comic Review -- Justice League #7: The Villain's Journey, prologu 0

Originally posted on my blog, The Comics Cove, not too long ago...Okay, my first issue is with the banner across the top of the cover. I've never liked ads like this, and this one's no exception. I say this being completely supportive of DC's We Can Be Heroes initiative, but they could have put the ad prominently inside the comic. This move was just needlessly disruptive, and I don't appreciate it.Otherwise, I rather like the cover. It's a Jim Lee, and I'll admit, it's a bit crowded, but it's st...

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Hello, Steve 0

This has been quite a week for Wonder Woman.  After the revelations in Wonder Woman #7, she gets a bit more of a bump to modernity with this issue.  One of my concerns all along with this series was that after the pulse pounding first story arc that the series might hit a bit of a wall trying to keep that momentum.  I am not sure how others reacted to this but I did not feel completely relieved, but enjoyed this story nonetheless as for what it did for Diana, but more specifically Steve Trevor. ...

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Are you sure this is the present? the people are creeping me out 0

For those who haven’t been reading justice league at all this is your chance to do so as the title jumps into the present and…..well is just not that impressive and not only because of the artwork but because this doesn’t feel like justice league at all. But we get neat stuff like finally get to see billy batson and shazam in this re-launch.The issue starts with giant mouth monsters that are terrorizing as they are countered by generic high tech defense forces number 7,443,124,144 named Argus le...

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Steve Trevor: The Real Hero 0

This will be a two part review, where I talk about the Justice League first and then the side story featuring Shazam. We are now seeing a completely different side of the Justice League now than what years of storyline has dictated them to be. Granted since the reboot that is what DC wanted to achieve. The story is still set in the Justice League’s early days. They are all rookies in what they do as superheroes and still do not know how to work as a team. The worst part is the self-entitlement o...

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Bummer 0

I was expecting a lot from the follow up to the last story arc and this one just did not deliver. I do like the introduction of some support characters and their role which feels fresh and interesting. You can feel them writing the story but there was just not much hook on this one in particular. There were drawings of the villain posted, which look cool, but I barely got a glimpse much less remember that villain which is a bad thing I suppose....

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Issue #7 review 0

I read this issue of the Justice League and I think its quite entertaining and enjoyable. During the first story, Cyborg uses his Mother Box to teleport the team to the crime scene in order to stop the monsters. Here's where it gets interesting, most of the issue deals with alien invasions, romance and drama; which is three of my favorite topics in comic book stories next to traditional superheroics. Overall, I really enjoyed this issue and I'm looking forward for more of them....

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A Welcome Improvement From Issues 5 and 6 0

Ok, I know a lot of people think that this issue wasn't the best, and I was among them until I realized what Johns was trying to do with this issue. Like everyone, I wanted to see the dynamics of the Justice League more in depth: how they work as a team, what they've done in the past 5 years, etc. And I have to say, I was a little disappointed when I didn't see that. However, by the time I was done with the issue, I realized that that's not what this issue was meant to be about. Johns is trying ...

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A gift wrapped turd is still a turd 0

I picked this title up hoping for a fresh reboot on a character that I have loved since I was a boy watching "Shazam" on TV. Over the years we have seen many art teams take on the "Big Red Cheese" and attempt to create a story-line that has stickability.In my opinion only Alex Ross & Mark Waid have been the most sucessful in the endeavor (Kingdom Come). Although this take on Captain Marvel is new, which does deserve a pat on the back, I was not a fan of seeing Billy Batson acting like a litt...

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