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    Now that the team's origin story is complete, starting with this issue we shift to the present-day Justice League! What has changed? Who has joined the team since? Featuring artwork by Gene Ha, the story also reintroduces the team's greatest champion: Steve Trevor!Also starting in this issue: "The Curse of Shazam!" featuring a story by Geoff Johns and art by Gary Frank! Discover Billy Batson's place in DC Comics – The New 52 as we reveal his all-new origin story!


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    Geoff Johns Earns An F In Sociology 0

    Sigh. Look, it's better than the Green Lantern banner because I get the point of this one. It's not hyping a movie that didn't need extra hype, and its for a good cause. But it doesn't change the fact that the "We Can Be Heroes" banner is a huge detriment to the covers its on. It especially isn't helping this cover, which is a crowded mess to begin with. Everyone is shoved into the same space along the middle of the cover, with meshing colors so I can barely tell anyone apart. Then the backgroun...

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    Style over any substance from Johns 0

    The Justice League is now brought to the present and we have guest artist Gene Ha step in for Jim Lee.The Good:With the team now established and everything brought into the present, that means less time introducing each character and a little more time on story development. We have a little bit of both in this issue with the introduction of a new villain posing a minor threat and a focus on Steve Trevor this time around. The new focus on Trevor is a refreshing one and his "relationship" with Dia...

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    So many questions 0

    So many questions indeed:Why does Hal have a ring and behave like a dick in present days? Where is all the character development from GL, written by the same Geoff Johns?Why does Batman disrepects the JLI like that? Why does Geoff Johns humiliate Batman twice in one issue?Why does Etta Candy look like that? And why isn't she with Steve Trevor? Are we really going back to a Diana-Steve Trevor romance?Why is Trevor threatening the US government? Does Geoff Johns know the differences between the JL...

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