Justice League #6

    Justice League » Justice League #6 - Massacre in Gray released by DC Comics on October 1987.

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    The Justice League looks in awe at what the Creeper shows them what has become of the town of Stone Ridge, Vermont. The entity only known as the Gray Man has transformed the town into something completely alien. The people of Stone Ridge are all in a comatose state; an effect of being touched by one of the Gray Man's "copies". The Gray Man himself is holed up in the town movie theater where he has Doctor Fate and Captain Marvel captive in magical bonds. And he knows the the the rest of the Justice League is here to try and stop him.

    The League and the Creeper explore the town looking for the Gray Man. Captain Marvel appears, mind controlled by the Gray Man, and attacks the team. Batman orders the Martian Manhunter to deal with Marvel and the rest of the team to search the town for the Gray Man.

    As the Martian Manhunter and Captain Marvel battle, J'onn J'onnz strikes out telepathically at the Gray Man and Captain Marvel resists the mind control. This causes the Gray Man to loosen his grip on Marvel's mind and J'onnz knocks Marvel out cold before he realizes that Marvel is free.

    Elsewhere, Hal Jordan and Maxwell Lord argue over some deal that has been worked out. Lord has some mysterious idea that he needs Jordan's help with. Jordan is resistant, but seems like he will help.

    Back in Stone Ridge, the Creeper points the League to the theater where the Gray Man and Doctor Fate are. When the team enters they see that the two are commenced in magical combat. The Gray Man was weakened by the battle of the Martian Manhunter and Captain Marvel. Doctor Fate took advantage there to escape his bonds and attack the Gray Man. The Gray Man summons more of his copies who attack the League and put them into a comatose state.

    Now Doctor Fate stands alone against the Gray Man and dozens of his copies. Doctor Fate realizes that there is no helping the Gray Man and no longer pulls his magical punch. He casts a spell that makes the theater and everything in vanish.

    The Martina Manhunter witnesses this and surmises that they were teleported someplace else, maybe another dimension. He still needs to tend to the fallen Captain Marvel so he flies him to help. But he will return.



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