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Saving The Best For the End 12

Especially considering how the last issue went down, I'm 100% convinced that I know the reason DC didn't release this cover until about a week ago. It's not like it really spoils anything. We've known forever that they'd be fighting Darkseid. So why wait? Because Jim Lee didn't want Geoff Johns to see this until it was too late to stop it. I mean, look at it. Batman's front and center! Not only that, Superman is trapped, and the rest of the league is on their knees, completely submissive to Dark...

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The Last Stand 1

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee have been leading up to this issue. After fighting a couple of Parademons, the Justice League have now managed to get to the main threat. Now, how will the Justice League take out Darkseid?  THE GOOD: Jim Lee is is a great artist and this is another great job for him. The way that he draws character he gives them all emotions that you feel for the character. He is also really good at drawing splash pages, and I really like seeing them in his books. The story actually pick...

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The band is finally back together! As Darkseid continues his siege on Earth, the yet to be named group of super humans throws down with him while trying to save the planet. Meanwhile, Batman finds Superman on Apokolips being tortured and experimented on. The greatest threat in human history is knocking on Earth’s door, and there’s only one reluctant hero who can help the group achieve victory.This issue of the new Justice League title was full of big action, larger than life settings, and finall...

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An awesome conclusion to an awesome origin 2

I have to say, I started to wonder if this issue was going to be any good, due to the delays (that and Jim lee reminded me of what happened to All Star Batman). I didn't mind Batman revealing his identity to Hal, but the lack of explanation and the symbol things were weird. But this issue 100% redeems this series from the last issue. This version of how the JL formed is one of the best of them, next to maybe Grant Morison's and New Frontier. Cyborg's origin is a little choppy, and the fact the h...

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The Prologue for the Justice League 0

Here is my video review for Justice League issue 6. In this issue we get to see the final battle with Darkseid, but will the Justice League be able to defeart him?...

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Comic Review -- Justice League #6 / Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, & Scott 0

Originally posted on my blog, The Comics Cove, not too long ago...This is a breathtaking cover, in that way that makes your stomach lurch. The JL, bowing before Darkseid? Fortunately, it's another of those "not in the issue" covers. It's very well rendered, and indicative of how formidable an opponent Darkseid is.The Justice League finally take the fight to Darkseid, working together and hitting him as hard as they can with everything they've got, while Batman tries to find and rescue Superman. ...

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Finally some depth to this blockbuster! 0

SynopsisBatman mounts a one man rescue mission to find Superman whilst the rest of the League clashes with Darkseid head on. Can the ruler of Apokolips be beaten back by the fledging league or is it all over already (Come on people we know the answer to that one!)SPOILERS!The GoodAt long last Johns gives this story the depth it’s been needing. The revelation as to why Darkseid on Earth was a surprising one and certainly shook up the plot. Also, there may be hints to the upcoming Earth 2 series, ...

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A decent start 1

Spoiler Alert!I think the last couple of issues were a huge nod to the 70's and the Super-Friends. The fact that Darkseid is the first (main) villian. The fact that he actually fights them himself from the get-go, the bear hug he gives Supmernan and even the Super-Freinds reference at the end of this book.The Good:The action and he references to stuff like Super-Friends were good.The art is fantastic a usual.Cyborg being a part of the JLA. This seems very interesting. He used to be in the Teen T...

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