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    The League of Gods

    Just like us, the League is surprised it all ended when it was barely starting and most of the time we take the role of GL imploring Batman to explains us what exactly did he find out about the Anti-monitor. As we start a new chapter of the story and one more time, this is a setup issue that uses most of its time transforming the League into gods, which looked cool but I find the way they happened questiinable

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      Justice League #45 is an issue that should have been delayed. Whereas Jason Fabok, currently the series’ main artist, has drawn every issue in The Darksied War so far, and according to solicitations will finish the remainder of the arc from #47 onward, this issue and the next mark a drastic artist shift, one which is incongruent with the rest of the series.None of which is to say the art is bad, per se. But despite Justice League being a monthly series and not an event, The Darkseid War is...

      2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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