Justice League #43

    Justice League » Justice League #43 - Darkseid War, Chapter Three: Taken released by DC Comics on October 2015.

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    “The Darkseid War” event rages on as Batman takes a dark journey into the depths of Godhood and unlocks the forbidden knowledge of the DC universe! Meanwhile, arch-enemies Superman and Lex Luthor must stand together in order to survive, and Wonder Woman leads the Justice League in an offensive against the Anti-Monitor and Darkseid! But what is Grail’s true mission during this war-—and what is the secret she holds over Wonder Woman?

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegRegular CoverJason Fabok (a) & Brad Anderson (c)1
    VarBombshells Variant CoverEmanuela Lupacchino & Tomeu Morey2

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    A Review of The Darkseid War so far 0

    There is an ongoing debate in games criticism regarding whether games should continue to become more cinematic (that is to say, to emulate the conventions of film in presenting their narratives, such as through cut-scenes and story-structure) or more ludic (focusing on the elements unique to the games medium, such as environmental storytelling and strong player-protagonist identification). Comics as a medium likewise have their own unique set of strengths, and both for better and worse Geoff Joh...

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    Darkseid arrives on Earth 0

    The story moves too slow right now with anothrr set up issue that only moved players from one place to anither as the Lueague separates in two teams, Batman and GL go to space to try to find out who is the Anti-monitor (the only think the Mobius chair doesnt know) while the others and Mr Miracle will try to stop him or make him leave Earth, meanwhile Superman and Luthor (still in Apokolips) fight for their lives...

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