Justice League #4

    Justice League » Justice League #4 - Winning Hand released by DC Comics on August 1987.

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    Batman holds an emergency meeting to discuss who Maxwell Lord is and how he was able to breach the security of headquarters, duplicate and improve their signal devices, and get the nerve to declare Booster Gold as the new member of the Justice League.

    In another room at the headquarters wait Maxwell Lord, Booster Gold and Doctor Light. Doctor Light argues with Lord over his arrogance and his misrepresenting himself as a representative of the Justice League (see Justice League #2). The argument ends with Doctor Light storming out and declaring that she quits.

    The League enters to get to the bottom of everything. Lord tries to do some damage control and Booster gets declares that if the League doesn't want him they can leave him; he's doing fine on his own and he leaves.

    Though he's actually very disappointed that he wasn't accepted to the League, Booster Gold decides to go head on with the media who are camped outside the headquarter's electrical fenced boundaries. The Royal Flush Gang takes the opportunity of Booster Gold distracting everyone to initiate their planned attack and they destroy the electrical fence.

    Booster Gold takes on King, Queen, Jack and Ten himself and the League decides to observe and see how well Booster does. Mister Miracle activates his newly installed force field generator that creates a dome around the headquarters to keep the fight there.

    Through tactics and brute strength, Booster Gold makes quick work of taking the Royal Flush Gang down. The League is congratulating him when out of nowhere comes Ace, the Royal Flush Gang's android bruiser.

    The Justice League join in on this fight and Ace is getting the better of them. Booster Gold quickly comes up with a plan and with the aid of Blue Beetle, he destroys the Ace android.

    While patching their wounds inside headquarters, Batman welcomes Booster Gold to the Justice League. Then, much to everyone's chagrin, they see Maxwell Lord declaring himself the official press liaison of the newly-re-formed Justice League on live television.


    • First post-Crisis appearance of the Royal Flush Gang.
    • "Meanwhile..." 1 page text piece by Dick Giordano honoring the death of E. Nelson Bridwell.

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