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The Amazo Virus Has Been Unleashed

Metropolis has been abandoned, the streets are littered with debris, cars are empty, and scavengers who recklessly stayed behind are scooping up what they can before Batman and Superman show up ordering them to come with them to be treated for their illness. The city has been quarantined after the deadly Amazo Virus from last issue was released as a result of Neutron trying to kill Lex Luthor. While Superman and Batman are on the streets, Lex Luthor is keeping tabs on the the rest of the Justice League who were exposed to the virus; Aquaman, Shazam, Flash, Cyborg, and Jessica Cruz. Wonder Woman is also there with Steve Trevor who wants to work with Luthor and figure out a way to contain the virus. They come to the conclusion that their best chance of finding a cure to the Amazo Virus is to find Patient Zero, the first one who had contact with the virus, and Luthor believes that he is still in Metropolis. Jason Fabok joins the book on this issue, and I gotta say, this book is only improved with his work. His attention to detail, and the way every character looks uniquely different is astounding. His Wonder Woman is particularly impressive.

Overall, this was another great entry in Geoff Johns' run on Justice League and with the addition with Jason Fabok now on art duties, this book can only get better from here on out. Definitely pick this issue up this week.


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    Patient zero 0

    Metropolis and the League is in bad shape being ground zero of a lethal world pandemic. Lex is our only hope but to save us he needs a blood sample from the person that modified the virus and allowed it to infect normal persons and give them super powers. Seems like and easy job for Batman and Superman right?...

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