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Continuing the ocean-shattering events of AQUAMAN #25, the League confronts Mera, who is desperate, reckless and emotionally exhausted by what's happened to Arthur Curry. And when she shows Arthur's teammates exactly how powerful she is she does not hold back! This special tale is written by AQUAMAN writer Dan Abnett!

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverPaul Pelletier, Sandra Hope & Hi-Fi1
VarVariant CoverNick Bradshaw & Alex Sinclair2

This issues references Aquaman #24 and 25

On the Watchtower the Cyborg tells the Justice League that there is giant storm just above Atlantis and the League quickly jump into action, but when they get there they find the storm has caused the newly domed Atlantis to be exposed.

Before the League can figure out what is happening, they are forced to deal with a tidal wave that is heading to the U.S. coast. This soon reveals that Mera is behind the ocean's actions and she attacks the League out of grief for losing Aquaman.

She easily defeats the League and it isn't til Superman and Wonder Woman reason with her that she stops her attacks. The League then explains to Mera that they want to help her save Aquaman and until they do she is member of the Justice League.a


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