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Do we really have to call them the Shazam Family?

We can't call them the Marvel Family and Mary Shazam sounds pretty damn stupid (as does much of this issue). Sadly, DC still has missed the entire point of Captain Marvel who is meant to be a shining, if somewhat naive even antiquated hero with a child's view of right and wrong. His goodness, even if the face of a world more cynical than he is willing to accept, sets him apart. He's basically DC's version of Captain America. A selfish Captain Marvel is an oxymoron.

This issue gives us Black Adam giving Billy the idea to share his power with the rest of his foster siblings and thus beat the bad guy (nice move) before badly cribbing Adam's downfall from early Shazam stories. We also get Billy infusing Tawny but only to make him the extra-sized Battle Cat version we already saw in Flashpoint (a reality so bad it had to be wiped clean for a new DCU that far more resembles it than the pre-Flashpoint DCU).

Although the issue suggest lots of action we don't really see that. Sure there are a lot of panels where heroes are posing for the artist and about to do something (such as Mary confronting a sinfully-enhanced guy who was once mean to selfish a-hole new version of Billy Batson), but little actual heroics on display (i.e. Jim Lee light).

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