Justice League #2

    Justice League » Justice League #2 - Make War No More! released by DC Comics on June 1987.

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    After the events at the UN building in New York, Batman gives Doctor Light the third degree on where she obtained a Justice League signal device. She explains that she was approached by a man who claimed to represent the League. He offered her membership and gave her the signal device.

    In Washington, D.C., Maxwell Lord watches negative press on the Justice League. Before he can pull the file on the reporter (presumably to dig up dirt for blackmail) the other attendee for a scheduled appointment arrives... Booster Gold.

    Elsewhere, the Gray Man sits on a beach reflecting when he is approached by Doctor Fate. Fate had left the Leagues last mission abruptly, presumably to seek out the Gray Man. Fate warns him that there will be consequences if he strays from his destiny.

    In the country of Bialya, a military missile silo is attacked by three superhumans: Wandjina, Silver Sorceress and Bluejay. The trio wish not to fight the men of the military but destroy their nuclear missiles. To their surprise, they are welcomed by Colonel Rumaan Harjavti who says he supports their cause.

    Wandjina, Silver Sorceress and Bluejay had come from another dimension where their world was destroyed by nuclear war. They had stayed to help as much as they could but were powerless to make any real change as they watched millions die. Wandjina was determined to find other worlds, even in other dimensional planes, and save them from destroying themselves.

    Back at JL Headquarters, Batman and J'onn J'onnz examine Doctor Light's signal device and discover that it is superior to their own. Before they can look further into the mystery, they hear the news of the super-beings attacking missile sites in Israel. Batman informs the team that they are moving out in pursuit of these super-beings using Blue Beetle's "Bug".

    Guy Gardner's power ring locates the trio and breaks away from the rest of the group to confront them himself. Gardner is quickly defeated by Wandjina but the rest of the League was close behind tracking Gardner. Before a full battle starts, Blue Beetle's "Bug" receives a transmission informing them that they are in violation of Bialyan airspace and if they do not leave they will be blown out of the sky. Batman decides to back down to avoid an international incident.

    Colonel Harjavti, after gloating over their victory of the Justice League, turns Wandjina, Silver Sorceress and Bluejay to another enemy of Bialya... Russia.


    • The Creeper is seen on a television screen.
    • Ms. Wootenhoffer is not seen but she is talking to Maxwell Lord over an intercom.
    • Booster Gold is not seen but he has an appointment with Maxwell Lord.
    • First post-Crisis appearances of Bluejay, Captain Speed, Silver Sorceress and Wandjina.
    • First appearance of the letter column "Justice League" which is a 1-1/3 page text piece by Andrew Helfer.

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