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Justice League #16 Review


Sometimes you read a comic and say, "Damn, that was epic." This issue of Justice League is exactly that!

Some criticize Geoff Johns for writing shallow, action-oriented writing. It'd characterize the first arc of Justice League as being that: fun and action heavy, but ultimately shallow. However, Throne of Atlantis has been a complete 180 for this comic, being both incredibly action packed, yet a more thrilling and deeper read. I really enjoyed everything here: the action, the dialogue (the exchange between Aquaman and Wonder Woman is awesome), the subplots, EVERYTHING! When Geoff Johns is at his best, he knows how to write an amazing roller coaster tour de force, and that's exactly what we get in this issue! FYI, the last page of this comic is AWESOME!

I can't really say anything about the art team of Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and Rod Reis. They're seriously one of the best art teams in comics today, and they deliver in this issue like they do in every issue they work on!

The backup is really cranking it up now. I've been really enjoying seeing Captain Marvel and his light-hearted adventures in the previous few issues of Justice League, but this backup feature really dials up the action and drama. Not to mention, it's beautifully illustrated by the incredibly awesome Gary Frank. My only complaint is that I wish Shazam was its own comic; I know i'd purchase it!

This has been one of my briefer reviews, for the simple fact that there's nothing to critique: this issue of Justice League is just plain awesome. It's great to see an all-star creative team of John, Reis, Prado, Reis & Frank to be hitting on all cylinders and deliver an outstanding issue as this one. Can't wait for Aquaman next week!

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