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Aquaman can barely hold on against Ocean Master even with the League by his side!

The United States loses faith in the Justice League and enters the battle against Atlantis, setting in motion the creation of the Justice League of America!

More on the Superman/Wonder Woman alliance!

Plus: In the backup story, the origin of SHAZAM! continues!

The issue begins with Aquaman's hand on Batman's Throat. Aquaman pleads with the Justice League that the only way Orm will listen to him is if they leave the area. Wonder Woman objects because of the fatalities that Ocean Master has already caused. Orm prods Aquaman by implying that his teammates are the master of the Sea King. During this banter, Batman creates an exothermic reaction with the water by using potassium, in order to slow down the Atlanteans. Aquaman continues the plea by telling the League that fighting Orm only will make matters worse. We see Aquaman cause Superman to go reeling backwards.

Aquaman and Wonder Woman square off and Ocean Master blasts Batman. Aquaman prevents the Ocean Master from finishing off Batman. While Aquaman and his brother continue to argue, Wonder Woman attempts to sneak up from behind the Ocean Master to finish him off and at this time the Atlantean Army arrives. As WW falls, Ocean Master proclaims to Aquaman that it is a time for war.

Cyborg is on a quest to find Dr. Stephen Shin. Vulko told Cyborg that Shin's expert knowledge of Atlantis is crucial to Orm's plan. However, Atlantean agents arrive, including one named TULA! Cyborg was successful in grabbing DR. Shin and teleporting away.

The scene shifts back to Boston and Ocean Master uses a whrilpool to carry Wonder Woman away. This raises the ire of Superman. Superman heats the water and he commands the Atlanteans to retreat. The intense heat does not phase the Ocean Master. O.M.'s Scepter brings three lightning bolts to strike down Wonder Woman, Superman and Aquaman. Aquaman is at Ocean Master's feet as The Trinity of Batman, WW and Superman are caught in whirlpools.

While in Detroit, Cyborg and Stephen Shin arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs where T.O. Morrow and Silas Stone are working together. Morrow talks about activating a weather machine android (RED TORNADO) that he created but Silas warns him not to. Cyborg asks his father to equip him to fight underwater. The process would take a few hours. Cyborg, realizing that the JLA was captive and decided to call in reinforcements. The Screen is covered with former leaguers of incarnations past ( Black Canary, Black Lightning, Element Woman, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Shazam, Vixen, and Zatana.) Thus, this 3rd chapter concludes.


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