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GEOFF JOHNS is joined by TONY DANIEL for a two-part chapter in the Justice League saga marching toward TRINITY WAR.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #12 will have the world debating its shocking conclusion – and where it will lead from here!

The League takes on a villain destined to be one of the greatest threats to the DC Universe in the year ahead – the mysterious Cheetah! But who is she? What is her connection to Wonder Woman? And how will this fundamentally change the relationships within the team?

This issue starts picking up the kiss between Superman and Diana that happened in issue #12. Five days later, Wonder Woman is fighting the Cheetah in Central Park. Barbara leaves Diana uncounscious as she was holding back. After waking up and getting back to the tower, Wonder Woman explains to her friends that Barbara Ann Minerva A.K.A The Cheetah was her first friend. She took care of a dagger that belonged to Diana and one day, she cut herself with it and became this savage monster. Wonder Woman blames herself for what happened and the Justice League goes to Congo to find Barbara. There, she attacks them and bites Superman, also turning him into a savage animal..


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In Search of Cheetah 0

I have been enjoying the Justice League series, especially over the last few issues and like what Johns is doing with the series. I was also very happy when I noticed Tony Daniel was doing art on this issue as I've been a fan of his for the last couple of years and have been missing seeing his artwork (as he's been more focused on writing as of late). It was however a shame to see that Jim Lee was leaving the series but with Daniels doing this issue and the next, and Ivan Reis jumping on as of i...

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Justice League #13 0

THE GOOD: Tony Daniel really knocked this issue out of the park. The amount of details that he adds to the panels were amazing. His style also looked very clean and perfect. His facial expressions are also very strong and help convey the emotions that these character are feeling. The story is much better then what we have been getting for a while. We get to see Superman and Wonder Woman finish up their kiss and then we jump into Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah! It's very cool to see the Cheetah. There ...

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Finally becoming the series it should be 0

I'm pretty sure that most people have been disappointed with this series since the start. Hell, I was it's biggest advocate and I was disappointed up until issue 6. But it has grown immensely since it's mediocre first arc. Just coming off of their defeat of David Graves, the League is regrouping to face off against a villain who, to be honest, I never found that scary. Mostly because she's like Catwoman if she had some weird psychiatric melt-down and glued fur to herself. But her new origin intr...

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