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The Penultimate Chapter

Graves had broken into the Watchtower and taken the Justice League down last month. In this issue league pulls itself up by its bootstraps and hunts Graves down. I enjoyed seeing how worried Wonder Woman over Steve's dissapearance, even to the point of attacking her own teamates to get what needs to be done done. Batman is acting like the leader he should be, while Superman acts as the posterboy, which how the League would logically work. The characters are being writen better and better as the series has gone on. Graves is becoming a character you can relate to and pity at the same time. While he IS trying to get justice for what happened to his family, he's also turning to the first people he could blame, which is a natural human response. There's only one thing I had a problem with in this issue. In the last issue the League looked defeated & without hope. In this issue, it turns out the phrase "he survives because he's Batman," seemed like a good excuse to have the League pulled back from the brink. Although, seeing Batman free Superman redeemed that whole sequence. Art wise, Jim Lee's work is always great to see, and he's at the top of his game in the issue. All in all, the series is a fun read.

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