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    Team » Justice Incarnate appears in 40 issues.

    The Cosmic neighborhood Watch, the squadron of super-guardians, the Justice League of the Multiverse, a volunteer army reunited to protect the orrery of worlds against the dark forces from beyond the 52 known universes.

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    Summoned by Thunderer of Earth-7 to Valla-Hal , the house of heroes also known as the Monitor's Satellite, beings from 50 different known parallel worlds have been reunited to stop the forces of the Gentry and rescue the last Monitor Nix Uotan.

    After landing on earth-8 the team of heroes had a skirmish with the native Retaliators. However their fight would be stopped when the corrupted Uotan appeared to attack on the very ones heroes who wanted to save him.

    A second team, still awaiting in the satellite found themselves under the attack of Hellmachine, while still searching new recruits in the multiversal war.

    Hero after hero answered the call for help against the invading forces and together they defeated the possesed Uotan and smashed the members of the Gentry. However they will discover than the Gentry were only the minions of the mysterious Empty Hand, who threatened the heroes with return with the intention to finish their never-ending battles.

    Under that inminent danger, Superman from earth 23 asked for volunteers to act as guardians for the multiverse and protect the worlds from the dangers from beyond the bleed. Together, they are the protectors of the multiverse: Justice Incarnate.



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