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The Justice Guild of America was a team formed on an alternate Earth. On the "main Earth", the one on which the JLA resided, they were believed to be fictional characters, ones from a comic book. They were the main characters in a comic book that John Stewart used to read as a kid. However, these characters were real live people on another Earth.

The JGA fought in a nuclear war which led to the destruction of their world and their apparent death. On the main DCAU Earth, due to the nuclear war events, their comic book got cancelled due to low sales. However, Ray Thompson from the alternate Earth survived and gained mental powers which enabled him to bring back his heroes to life as mental constructs.

The JGA crossed paths with the Justice League when the Leaguers: John Stewart, Flash, Hawkgirl and J'onn J'onnz created a dimensional rift and ended up on the Earth of the JGA. They were accepted by that world's heroes but soon enough they found out what the truth is. They ended up attacking Ray but were defeated by him. The Justice League were saved by the Justice Guild, who sacrificed themselves by attacking and defeating Ray even though they knew they would cease to exist. Because of their sacrifice they managed to save the remaining survivors of the world and saved the world for a second time.

Background Information

The Justice Guild of America were supposed to be at first the Justice Society of America. However, Bruce Timm revealed that they were not able to use the JSA due to the fact that DC did not like how the JSA were depicted.

The members of the JGA were the equivalent of some of the JSA's members:

  • Green Guardsman - Alan Scott
  • Tom Turbine - Atom (Al Pratt) and Golden Age Superman
  • Cat Man - Wildcat
  • Black Siren - Black Canary (Dinah Drake Lance)
  • Streak - Flash

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