Justice Ducks

    Team » Justice Ducks appears in 11 issues.

    Darkwing Duck's version of the Justice League.

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    When Negaduck, Bushroot, Quackerjack, Megavolt, and Liquidator all join forces to become the Fearsome Five and wreak havoc in St. Canard, Darkwing is thrilled. He believes egotistically that he can defeat the five (plus Mr. Banana Brains) all by himself and refuses any and all help even after the national guard, the St. Canard Police Department, and even SHUSH are defeated by the five despicle devilish delinquents. However, after being thrown out St. Canard Tower, he soon sees the error of his ways. Of course, it is too late. The group which Gosalyn nicknamed "The Justice Ducks" (which is a misnomer as neither Neptunia and Stegmutt are ducks, though steg used to be), have been captured by the fearsome five. So, Darkwing ends up saving the now official team and together the five official members defeat the band of villains.


    The Justice Ducks were first seen in Darkwing Duck #120 and Darkwing Duck #121 on the Darkwing Duck television series. Due to its popularity, this story was adapted into a two part comic book story in Disney Colossal Comic Collection #5-6. This story would be later reprinted in Disney Tales #7. They have yet to appear again though they had a cameo on the cover of DuckTales #5.


    • Morgana: The magical sorceress of the team
    • Stegmutt: The strength of the team
    • Neptunia: Commander of the sea
    • Gizmo Duck: living tool shed
    • Darkwing: detective and leader

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