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A few twists and turns remain in this amazing tale of the alliance of the world's most fearsome villains! And against the wild landscape of hundreds of heroes and their foes, smaller, more intimate human dramas are played out. Don't miss the remarkable conclusion to the remarkable 12-issue maxiseries by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Doug Braithwaite!

Superman tears through Toyman's army and discovers that the villain has become part machine. Toyman informs him that Brainiac has control of all the world's nuclear weapons; Superman leaves to stop their detonation. Batman and J'onn gain control over Luthor and Grodd under control; the heroes give Grodd a Green Lantern ring so that he might provide assistance.

Brainiac and Black Manta teleport away, with Superman and Aquaman following their respective trails.

Scarecrow runs into the sewers, and is attacked by the Joker, who wears a Dracula costume.

Cheetah attacks Wonder Woman. Diana removes her armor, displaying her deterioratinig frame: the parts of her body are held together by her magic lasso. Diana takes down the Cheetah, but is dying.

Superman, Red Tornado, and Zatanna pursue Brainiac, but he teleport s from place to place one step ahead of them.

J'onn links Luthor's brain to Grodd's and the three work to redirect the missiles.

Aquaman finds Black Manta and his son, and destroys the machine Manta uses to control his people. Aquaman defeats him and saves his son.

Luthor escapes and teleports to Brainiac; Superman subdues Luthor with the help of Zatanna, whose spell prevents him from teleporting away. They pursue Brainiac. Superman and Zatanna appear in space; Brainiac has shrunk his ship to avoid detection. Superman freezes the ship, wraps Zatanna in his cape, and darts to the earth's surface in order to save her from the vacuum of space. Perfoming CPR, he saves her.

As Hal Jordan's ring runs out of charge, the Green Lantern Corps arrives and gathers up all of the missiles. Hal's ring removes the knowledge of the heroes' secret identities from the minds of the villains.

On Paradise Island, Diana's mother, Queen Hippolyta, prays to the gods to restore life to her daughter. Diana's body fades into the Earth and a new body emerges out of the clay. Diana rises, her life renewed.

Joker and Riddler return to Arkham; Batman reflects on the changes they've made to the world, and opines that perhaps someday the world really will be made into a better place.

The Legion of Super-Heroes watch through time as Superman changes into Clark Kent and heads into the Daily Planet building.

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