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    Justeen is Desaad's replacement as Second-In-Command to Darkseid.

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    Justeen was created by the writer and artist Walter Simonson. Her first appearance was in Orion #1.

    The name Justeen is a play off the Marquis De Sade's novel, Justine. She has nothing in common with the character, except her name.


    Justeen is a replacement to Desaad as Darkseid's second-in-command. She has tried to murder Desaad on one ocassion, just to get closer to Darkseid. The woman has went under the alais Meteorra to hide her deeds. Under this personality, she also managed to gain control over Lightray and turn him and the rest of the inhabitants of New Genesis against Orion, after he took over the throne of Apokolips. When Orion used the Anti-Life Equation, Justeen was in love with Darkseid, and being so, has used the help of the Suicide Jockies for the killing of his wife, Tigra. After this event, Orion decided to go against killing her on the spot, and instead banished Justeen.

    Death of the New Gods

    Justeen was one of the first New Gods to be slain. Darkseid was the one who found her with a hole in her chest. He then gave her body to Desaad to figure out what happened to her, even though the wound appeared obvious. Desaad eventually came to the conclusion that the wound was of a Metaphysical Nature. The wound itself wasn't lethal, but it was the source where Justeen had her soul ripped out.








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