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The Just'a Lotta Animals was a comic on Earth-C created by Roger Rodney Rabbit (Captain Carrot) that spoofed classic Justice League storylines. While originally nothing more than a story-within-a-story, they emerged as real characters, existing on the parallel world of Earth-C-Minus, (whereas Earth-C itself was an "Alternate Dimension" rather than a parallel world, sparing both worlds from the events of the various Crises).

Team Evolution

Roger Rodney Rabbit, whose alter-ego is Captain Carrot, worked as a comic book artist for Wombat Communications. One of the comics created was the JLA (Just'a Lotta Animals). However, Captain Carrot discovered that the JLA characters were all real and exited on Earth-C-Minus. He fought alongside them for a time, but in the interim between the title's end and their Countdown revival, the JLA of Earth-C-Minus sued Wombat Communications over the comic series, legally preventing them from publishing any more stories.

Major Story Arcs

The Final Arc

When Starro was flooding and destroying Earth-C, Captain Carrot's only mean of contacting the Just'a Lotta Animals was to quickly pen and sell an issue of JLA to Halftrack for a nickel. This opened a dimensional portal through which entered a lawyer with a Cease and Desist order. The Just'a Lotta Animals, along with the New Dogs of Earch-C-Minus, ended up transporting Boa's Arc to Earth-1, where the Earth-C denizens became normal animals.

While Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew were restored during Final Crisis, the Just'a Lotta Animals' fates remain unknown.


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