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To be honest I had been a little hesitant about picking up this issue.  Despite being a big fan of Wonder Woman I never bothered to read this after having read a few other in this series.  In retrospect though this was a bad decision as this was an exceptional issue.  The story of Wonder Woman is almost completely reimagined, keeping a few key details like the presence of Steve Trevor (and of sort of saving him) and a link to mythology, but most of this is just pure creativity and it was well conceived.  Diana is replaced by Maria, a Peruvian woman caught in the worst kind of stereotypical South american story with corruption rampant and a crime lord threatening the peasants of a small village.  She takes on the powers of a sun goddess and travels to Los Angeles to battle the transformed Crime Lord.  There were some weaker moments such as with the thinking out loud of needless information, but in the end this was a great issue.  Even the part at the end with Maria taking on a kind of Peter Parker photographer role more adds a hint of an allusion to Stan Lee than it detracts from the story.  The artwork by Jim Lee worked well here too.  

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