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    Juri Han is a sadistic taekwondo fighter, with a great grudge towards M. Bison for the death of her family. Her already impressive technique goes to new levels when paired with the might of her Feng Shui Engine placed on her eye.

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    Juri Han underwent an operation in the S.I.N laboratory that involved implanting the “Feng Shui Engine” into her damaged left eye. After the operation gained full success, the "Feng Shui Engine" amplified her Ki which heightened her strength and speed. With her new found power not many could with stand her in battle, this is apparent after her first encounter with Chun-Li, despite the fact that her eye malfunctioned before she could deliver the finishing blow.

    Juri's fighting style differs from many of the martial artists in the Street Fighter series, considering that she is the first Taekwondo fighter to be introduced. She chooses to use her style as an offensive rather than a defensive, and takes advantage of her speed to deliver a quick chain of attacks. Her art allows her to use more of her feet, than her hands, that is why she is known for her high and strong kicks that she applies both on air and on the ground.

    Her cunning personality is to pair with her deadly fighting style. In battle she shows her love of inflicting pain towards any one she is facing against, most especially when her opponent is male. Juri is a sadistic character that likes to toy with her prey, and in addition to provocative attitude she tends to be very showy and cocky.


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