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Based on the best selling novel by the late Micheal Crichton. The story centers around an elderly billionaire by the name John Hammond, who has a great love for prehistoric animals. He used large sums of money to finance many fossil expeditions all over the world. On these digs palentologist discovered ancients mosquitos trapped in fossilized tree sap, which we call amber. Scientist came to realize that these mosquitoswould have fed on the blood of animals just like today. That would mean some of these mosquitos may still contain dinosaur DNA. After presenting these findings to Mr. Hammond he decided to fund a cloning operation to see if they would be able to bring these animals back to life. It was a success! Soon there after Hammond had his palentologist stop digging for bones and start looking for more insects trapped in amber. Not long after Hammond had done the impossible. He had broght dinosaurs back to life!

Biological Preserve:

The next step was how you would show these amazing and long exticnt creatures to the rest of the world. Naturally you would have to create a zoo, but not just any zoo. You would need a very large area for these massive creatures who in turn would also need alot of their own space to roam. Hammond got the idea that he would place this zoo in a tropical habitat to best suit the animals. Also to keep the animals from getting lose and injuring humans. He finds a chain of five islands 120 miles of the coast of costa rica. He leases the islands from the Costa Rican government and secretly begins to set up a biological preserve/zoo.


With all the breeds of dinosaurs that Hammonds scientists were able to clone they found that they also had cloned some of the more deadly species. (exp, Velicoraptor, Dilophosaurs, and Tyrannosaurs Rex). While a crew was trying to load a large female Velicoraptor into its enclosure it managed to break lose and kill a crew member. After this incident the crew members family sews John Hammond in which he would happily settle for the lose of the crewman. As a result of this unfortunate accident some investors in the park begin to get nervous and would like to have scientist visit the park to see that it is safe. They insist on getting Alan Grant, a world famous paleontologist to endorse the park.


Dennis Nedry is a disgruntled computer software programmer who works for John Hammond. After word gets out about Hammonds succesful cloning, lots of people see the oppurtunity to get rich and make their own theme parks filled with dinosaurs. Nedry is then approached by a man that goes by the name Dogson and offers Nedry a very large sum on money to get valuable information and 15 dinosaur embryos off the island and into the hands of Dogson. In order to do this Nedry would have to shut down the entire sercurity system. Nedry miscalculated and suddenly the entire park systems begin to fail. The electral fences used to contain the dinosaurs are now powerless. The visitors of the park are now stranded in the middle of this island that is now roaming with the dinosaurs that have broken through the fences and are now on the hunt. After Hammonds lawyer Gerrado is eaten and Ian Malcom is injured, Alan Grant must lead Hammonds grandchildren, Lex, and Tim, miles across the island back to the visitors center where they can get back to a helicoptor.

After stealing the information and embryos, Nedry jumps into a gas powered jeep and head to the docks to catch the last boat off the island and back to the mainland. Ironically enough, his jeep crashes and becomes stuck on a log. He exits his jeep to find a tree to tie a line to and pull his jeep free. As he is doing this Nedry falls victim to the Dilophosaurs, one of the dinosaurs he accidentally freed.

Collected in Classic Jurassic Park vol. 1.


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