Character » Junta appears in 32 issues.

    Junta was a member of The Crew, an ally to Black Panther and War Machine and briefly a member of the Defenders.

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    Manuel Diego Armand Vicente was born in the United States but raised in his parents' native South American country of Vulcan Domuyo. A postage-stamp city-state built around an active volcano, Vulcan Domuyo is a lot like pre-Castro Cuba: corrupt to the bone, with the very rich, very corrupt well-to-do elite class lording it over a terribly impoverished peasant population living in the shadow of certain death from the volcano.

    Vicente later grew to become a high-ranking officer of Los Cuarenta Ladrones (the LCL), meaning "the Forty Thieves," a dismissive colloquialism for El Ministerio de Asuntos Internacionales Armó Servicio de Vulcan Domuyo-- the Vulcan Domuyan Secret Police. Moreover, due to his dual citizenship, Vicente (who used the alias Danny Vincent) became an agent for U.S. intelligence, writing books for the National Security Agency. Danny regularly did black bag operations for the LCL and the Americans with the code-name Junta.


    He has some sort of gravitation power that makes him out of synch from the rest of earth, and without control he could implode and bring a sufficient amount of other matter into the blackhole his imploding would create. His imbalance also creates nausea for anyone that makes skin contact with him. Fortunately he wears a special belt that helps control his ability allowing some perks to his power, for example he can phase and walk up walls and on ceilings, deflect all projectiles thrown towards him, and also allows him a lesser chance of falling down, witch can come in handy during a fight.


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