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    Juniper is an alien being chosen by the Celestials as a mentor to the Young Gods

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    Juniper is a servant to the Celestials living on their supermassive Celestial Mothership. Her responsibilities are largely unknown however one of his main tasks was to tutor and mentor a group of the Young Gods. The Young Gods were divided into teams assigned to a specific mentor. Juniper serves as the mentor to Brightsword, Daydreamer, Highnote, Mindsinger, Sea Witch and Splice. She is a strategic expert in offensive combat which she considers essential to victory. Her rival mentor Katos would specifically mentor Moonstalker, Caduceus, Calculus, Genii, Harvest, and Varua and is an expert in defensive combat. Her own combat abilities are uncertain as she has never been depicted in actual combat.  


    Juniper is a Marvel comic book character created by Gerry Conway, Mark Bagley and Keith Williams. She first appeared in "Spectacular Spider-Man Annual" #8 (1988).

    Powers and Abilities

    A skilled mentor and teacher, who specialized in offensive combat and tactics. Extraterrestrial in nature, Juniper also acted as a servant to the Celestials.   

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