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    Dutch publisher for the Dutch division of Marvel Comics

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    Brief History

    JuniorPress started publishing comics in the Netherlands in the late 1970's until the mid-2000's when the the Marvel Comics line was taken over by a different publisher. JuniorPress now focuses mainly on comics for younger kids.

    Over the years, Junior Press has released many Marvel titles, such as;

    • X-mannen (mostly publishing the Uncanny X-men in it's book)
    • X-mannen Special (publishing the "adjectiveless" X-men)
    • de New Mutants (publishing the New Mutants)
    • Generatie X (publishing Generation X)
    • de Spectaculaire Spiderman (publishing the Amazing Spider-Man)
    • Web van Spiderman (publishing Web of Spider-Man)
    • Spiderman Special (publishing the 1990's Spider-Man series)
    • Spiderman (publishing all three montly american titles)
    • Spiderwoman (publishing Spider-woman)
    • de Transformers (publishing Transformers)
    • de Vergelders (publishing the Avengers)
    • de Fantastic Four (publishing the Fantastic Four)
    • de Verbijsterende Hulk (publishing the Incredible Hulk)
    • de Verdedigers (publishing the Defenders)
    • Marvel Super-helden (publishing a variaty of different superheroes comics, mostly from heroes that did not have their own Dutch version of the comic)
    • de Punisher (publishing the Punisher)
    • Star Wars Special (publishing the Star Wars monthly title from Marvel Comics)

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