Junior Musto

    Character » Junior Musto appears in 10 issues.

    Youngest son of Mr. Musto, Junior poured acid on his face hoping it would make his father love him after a failed attempt to blow up a school bus.

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    Called an "Abortion that lived" by his Papa (Benno Musto), Junior was non-the-less given the task of blowing up a school bus full of children in Hub City. His papa sends Pedro, Junior's brother, with him to make sure he gets the job done and done right, or to shoot and leave him. The Question interfered, knocked Pedro out, and prevented Junior from accomplishing the job, even tho he was right on the bus with a lit bundle of dynamite. The Question tied them up and left his calling card.

    Next we see Junior, he's laying holding beaker of liquid over his face recalling a beating from his father while he bad mouthed him. He pores the liquid which turns out to be acid over his face and wonders if it'll hurt and he'll scream like a sissy-boy. He wraps his head in bandages and ease drops on a conversation his father is having with a supplier about how his father messed up a shipment of arms that were supposed to go to South America. The supplier tells Benno where his father is and it would be easy to kill him. Junior decides to do the job so his father will respect him and drives up ahead to kill the old man. When he arrives, the old man opens the door tells Junior not to kill him in cold blood, and invites him in for coffee before he kills him. The old man tells Junior he's not afraid of dying and thought about the job himself, then he tells Junior why. While they are talking inside Benno and crew show up and mistake Junior for the Question and take a shot at him thru the window. Thinking it's the mans son Junior says he will protect him from his "bad son" and fires when the door is kicked in only to see he shot his own dad. On this realization, he goes outside and takes his bandages off to show his dad his face and asks "Now do you love me?" While they are waiting for an ambulance to come pick up Juniors father the Question tells Junior he's luckier than him.

    A year later to the day, Junior breaks into an operating room and steals a recently removed heart then shoots the doctor that did the operation. He takes the heart to the hospital where his father is being held in critical condition. He shoots three more guards before the fourth lets him in to see his papa. He tells the nurse to get a doctor in there to give his father the heart transplant he needs to survive. Junior tells the doc to do the operation or he will kill every one in the room. While they wait to see if the operation works, Junior asks to see the "no-face guy". When the Question arrives, Junior asks him what he meant when he said he was luckier. Question tells him because he know's who's messing him up and points to his father, then tells Junior he never knew his father so he doesn't know why he's the way he is. While this is going on Juniors father wakes up long enough to tell Junior to kill everyone in the room. Junior is confused because the doctor did the operation but his father still died, should he kill them? He does kill the doctor before Vic can stop him. They fight, Vic wins, Izzy takes Junior away.


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