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    Born Jana Sky-Born, she is the protector, and also inhabitant, of an island stocked full of dangerous beast and dinosaurs. Taking the name Jungle Girl, Jana has honed her natural abilities to a far greater extent than any other female and is extremely resourceful.

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    Jana Sky-Born or Jungle Girl, was born on an unknown island with little to no information about her past. It is still unknown if Jana's parents gave birth to her and left her on the island, or she was on a ship and soon was stranded on the island. Many readers have speculated whether she has lived on the mystery island all her life, or was just placed there. The Jungle has mystical abilities since there are cavemen, dinosaurs, and beasts of the Triassic period. Jana's life of peaceful adventure is stopped abruptly, when a plane with adventurers crashes in her jungle. She has decided to keep them safe until another plane comes to rescue them.


    Jungle Girl is said to have a great resemblance to Hanna-Barbera's cartoon Jana of the Jungle. Jana and Jungle Girl share the same first name, and have similar origins. While this is only speculations, it is probable that the TV series Jana of the Jungle could be Jungle Girl in the comics. Jana from television was supposed to be a female Tarzan and be an inspiration to women. Jana was adventurous and had a good judge of character, she highly respected women and had a small disliking to men. While Jungle Girl is different, Jana from Comics respects everyone, men and women, shown in this series. However, she isn't afraid to kill both sides to succeed in her mission. This is how the two are different. Jungle Girl Comics were created by Writer/Artist Frank Cho, James Murray, and Adriano Batista.

    Major Story Arcs

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    While Frank Cho was working on the series, he marked his series Seasons 1-3. Sort of like how TV Media has different series. While Jungle Girl had only 12 issues, she ended in 2009. Frank stated that he would reveal the Jana's origin in Season 3, but this never occurred. Season 2 #12 left readers with more questions than answers. Frank Cho has stated that he would like to finish the series once and for all.

    Season 1

    Jana witnesses a plane crash and its occupants disembarking. She saves them from two men of another tribe. Several of the passengers are drug smugglers, a fact that brings the wrath of the other tribe down upon them. Jana manages to save the people she has placed under her protection initially but the dangers of the island claim the lives of several of these people. Jana and the surviving members of her group then watch as what appears to be a tear in the sky appears and another metallic object (this time a space shuttle) is rocketing towards them.

    Season 2

    This story pics up where Season 1's cliffhanger left off.

    Season 3

    Frank Cho's plans for season 3 include Jana's origin.

    Abilities and other Notes

    Jana Skills
    Jana Skills

    With Jana having no superhuman speed, strength, or agility, she does have many skills that have helped her survive in the mysterious jungle. She's extremely strong physically, able to kill a bear with her bare hands or throatlift a men easily with one hand. Jana is also a skilled acrobat, an almost unbeatable fighter, and a skilled tracker and hunter. Having spend so much time on the Jungle, Jana has catalogue all of the species of animal and plants, and is fully aware of how to kill each animal and also what class of predator and threat level they are. Throughout the comic, Jana has shown incredible reflexes during a fight. Jana carries weapons at all times like a spear, hunting knife and a vine rope, she has also been seen to be able to communicate with animals. Jungle Girl keeps a stash of back-up jungle bikinis like fur and leather, if her current one (the one she wears) gets ripped or she becomes naked from a fight. With being incredibly ready for anything, Jana is highly attractive.


    Jungle Girl has a strong resemblance to Shanna The She-Devil. While her origin is known, Shanna was born from a rich family and eventually gets stranded in the Savage Land, and Island. While the Island is known to the entire world, Shanna combats some of the same enemies that Jana does. They both resemble one another greatly, and they are considered to be both attractive. Sadly, Shanna's series was also canceled like Jana's.


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