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Jungle Fantasy is back as the Vixens return to the wild side! Experience the exciting return to the world of Jungle Fantasy for the first time in a decade. The Vixens, Kit and Lani, came to this exotic world when their spacecraft crash landed. Wholly unprepared for living life in the wild, they are learning the hard way how to avoid getting eaten by dinosaurs and where they can safely sunbathe! This first issue features an all-new story by Renato Camilo, one by Dan Wickline and Daniel HDR, and a classic Al Rio story in color for the first time! Fans of sexy art, giant dinosaurs, and vicious beasts, this comic book is for you!

Don't miss the amazing array of sexy covers with this issue including a Regular Cover by series artist Renato Camilo, Sultry Sisters Cover by Gabriel Andrade, Bikini Babes by Ron Adrian, Wraparound Cover by Raulo Caceres, Sirens Cover by Matt Martin, the ultra-collectable Costume Change 6 cover set (with sexy topless and nude covers included!) by Christian Zanier that is limited to just 250 sets, and a stunning Black Leather Cover and a Pure Art Retailer Incentive also by Al Rio! For the ultimate in scarcity, don't miss the Century Covers Set of four incredible covers from legendary artist Al Rio and limited to a scant 100 sets!

For the erotic art collectors, there is a Nude Cover also by Renato Camilo, a Wraparound Nude Cover by Raulo Caceres, a Sirens Nude Cover by Matt Martin, and a Bikini Babes Nude Cover by Ron Adrian!


  • Jungle Fantasy: Vixens
  • Vixens: Mother's Day Chapter 1
  • Vixens: Slavers

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverRenato Camilo1
WrapWraparound CoverRaulo Caceres17
SSSultry Sisters CoverGabriel Andrade18
BBBikini Babes CoverRon Adrian19
ARCC-AAl Rio Century Cover A, Limited to 100 SetsAl Rio20
ARCC-BAl Rio Century Cover B, Limited to 100 SetsAl Rio21
ARCC-CAl Rio Century Cover C, Limited to 100 SetsAl Rio22
ARCC-DAl Rio Century Cover D, Limited to 100 SetsAl Rio23
CC-ACostume Change Cover A, Limited to 250 SetsChristian Zanier24
CC-BCostume Change Cover B, Limited to 250 SetsChristian Zanier25
CC-CCostume Change Cover C, Limited to 250 SetsChristian Zanier26
CC-DCostume Change Cover D, Limited to 250 SetsChristian Zanier27
CC-ECostume Change Cover E (Nude), Limited to 250 SetsChristian Zanier28
CC-FCostume Change Cover F (Topless), Limited to 250 SetsChristian Zanier29
SCSirens CoverMatt Martin30
BLBlack Leather CoverAl Rio31
RIPure Art Order Incentive CoverAl Rio32
NCNude CoverRenato Camilo33
NWCNude Wraparound CoverRaulo Caceres34
SNCSirens Nude CoverMatt Martin35
BBNBikini Babes Nude CoverRon Adrian36
GLGreen Leather CoverAl Rio4
KCKickstarter CoverRon Adrian5
KCC-AKickstarter Century Cover A, Limited to 100?6
KCC-BKickstarter Century Cover B, Limited to 100?7
KCC-CKickstarter Century Cover C, Limited to 100?8
KCC-DKickstarter Century Cover D, Limited to 100?9
KCC-EKickstarter Century Cover E, Limited to 100?10
KCC-FKickstarter Century Cover F, Limited to 100?11
KCC-GKickstarter Century Cover G, Limited to 100?12
KCC-HKickstarter Century Cover H (Nude A), Limited to 100?13
KCC-IKickstarter Century Cover I (Nude B), Limited to 100?14
KCC-JKickstarter Century Cover J (Nude C), Limited to 100?15
REKickstarter Hide Cover?2
REKickstarter Hide Nude Cover?16
REKickstarter Relax Nude Cover?3


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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