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It's all-new, super-sized, jungle goodness unleashed! This 64 page epic tome features three new stories! Azalea set out on her quest to find a downed ship at the end of JFan Secrets, and it leads her to unexplored lands! The fan-favorite Vixens return in a story and this is the first appearance of Tri-Sara by Zanier! Three clone sisters named Sara, never meant to escape into the wild, and they share a special bond.

Super-star artists on the stories, as well as these sexy covers: by Christian Zanier (also Nude & Adult on each) + Regular + Tri-Sara Wraparound + Playful + Ripped +Sultry + Luscious + Brutal Adult (& Extreme & Abused). Renato Camilo (also Nude on each) +Battle Babes + Azalea + Natural Beauty + Vixens + special set of ten Century covers. Also, Vixens Wrap (& Nude) by Raulo Caceres - Painted (& Nude) by Joao Silvera - Stunners (& Nude) by Ron Adrian - Vixens Rio Nude by Al Rio.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverChristian Zanier1
NCNude CoverChristian ZanierNot Allowed (NSFW)
ADAdult CoverChristian ZanierNot Allowed (NSFW)
RCRipped CoverChristian Zanier2
RNCRipped Nude CoverChristian ZanierNot Allowed (NSFW)
RACRipped Adult CoverChristian ZanierNot Allowed (NSFW)
LCLuscious CoverChristian Zanier3
LNCLuscious Nude CoverChristian ZanierNot Allowed (NSFW)
LACLuscious Adult CoverChristian ZanierNot Allowed (NSFW)
SCStunners CoverRon Adrian4
SNCStunners Nude CoverRon AdrianNot Allowed (NSFW)
BBCBattle Babes CoverRenato Camilo5
BBNCBattle Babes Nude CoverRenato CamiloNot Allowed (NSFW)
VCVixens CoverRenato Camilo6
VNCVixens Nude CoverRenato CamiloNot Allowed (NSFW)
AACAbused Adult CoverRenato CamiloNot Allowed (NSFW)
BACBrutal Adult CoverChristian ZanierNot Allowed (NSFW)
AECAdult Extreme CoverChristian ZanierNot Allowed (NSFW)
ACAzalea CoverRenato Camilo7
ANCAzalea Nude CoverRenato CamiloNot Allowed (NSFW)
SCSultry CoverChristian Zanier8
SNCSultry Nude CoverChristian ZanierNot Allowed (NSFW)
SACSultry Adult CoverChristian ZanierNot Allowed (NSFW)
NBCNatural Beauty CoverRenato Camilo9
NBBCNatural Beauty Nude CoverRenato CamiloNot Allowed (NSFW)
VRNCVixens Rio Nude CoverAl RioNot Allowed (NSFW)
PCPainted CoverJoao Silvera10
PNCPainted Nude CoverJoao SilveraNot Allowed (NSFW)
PCPlayful CoverChristian Zanier11
PNCPlayful Nude CoverChristian ZanierNot Allowed (NSFW)
PACPlayful Adult CoverChristian ZanierNot Allowed (NSFW)
VWCVixens Wraparound CoverRaulo Caceres12
VWNCVixens Wraparound Nude CoverRaulo CaceresNot Allowed (NSFW)
TSWCTri-Sara Wraparound CoverChristian Zanier13
TSWNCTri-Sara Wraparound Nude CoverChristian ZanierNot Allowed (NSFW)
TSWACTri-Sara Wraparound Adult CoverChristian ZanierNot Allowed (NSFW)
CACCentury Airborne CoverRenato Camilo14
CCCCentury Chomp CoverRenato Camilo15
CFCCentury Faster CoverRenato Camilo16
CNCCentury Nymph CoverRenato Camilo17
CRCCentury Riders CoverRenato Camilo18
CSLCCentury Sea Life CoverRenato Camilo19
CSCCentury Sensual CoverRenato Camilo20
CSCCentury Stoic CoverRenato Camilo21
CTCCentury Tasty CoverRenato Camilo22
CTCCentury Tense CoverRenato Camilo23


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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