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    A gifted chemical biologist and geneticist, June Covington is Toxic Doxie. Aiding Norman Osborn in his escape from prison, Toxic Doxie went on to join his newest team of Avengers before her arrest and subsequent placement on the government's Thunderbolts team.

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    June Covington was residing in the secret containment center for the most dangerous and secret criminals. After being brought in for killing 18 people by inducing explosive cranial failure at a prayer meeting for special needs children, June was brought into custody. Before coming to this point June goes on about how she was bored with life as a post grad working at a New York university, nights spent watching box set DVD's. Until the night she met Edward Wynne, a brilliant biologist perfect in almost every way, save one slight birth defect in his left arm. June was fascinated with him and set to work trying to cure genetic imperfections. After a few failed experiments, and finally testing even on herself she was finally able to perfect her own genetics. A year after meeting Edward, she approached him again, this time to present her gift to him. Edward totally rejected her and her methods and turned her in to campus police. Her lab was shut down and she was forced off campus.

    Some time after, June approached Edward once more claiming she had changed her ways and was once more seeking his approval. She lured him to her old secret lab and injected a genetic plug in which paralyzed his entire body. He presumably died of starvation.


    Toxic Doxie was created by Warren Ellis and Jamie McKelvie and first appeared in Osborn #1.

    Character Evolution

    Initially appearing as an inmate in a secret containment center for the most dangerous criminals, June escaped thanks to Norman Osborn. She secretly became his doctor at the Raft and started a romantic relationship with him. After Norman escapes from the Raft, he offers June a place on his new Dark Avengers.

    Major Story Arcs

    Osborn and the Dark Avengers

    Toxic Doxie aided in Osborn's escape from prison helping him overthrow prisoners who were out of control when he was making his escape. After the breakout, Osborn turns himself in while June interviews for a position as a doctor at the Raft. There we see her being assigned to its newest inmate Norman Osborn.

    Some time later she appears romantically involved with Osborn and they discuss the newest incarnation of the Dark Avengers. She joins the team upon Norman's offer and is seen wearing the Scarlet Witch's outfit.

    Osborn and his New Dark Avengers are ultimately defeated by Luke Cage and his team. Afterward, the government assigned some of these Dark Avengers as a new Thunderbolts team, with their base situated on the Thunderbolts Mountain close to the superhuman prison. This superhuman prison will be used to hire supervillains to go on dangerous missions that would have collateral damage or casualties

    Red She Hulk

    General Fortean and Project Echelon use the genetic works of Dr. June Covington that were confiscated from her lab earlier, to create their latest versions of super-soldiers.

    Powers and Abilities

    June has a genetically enhanced body due to manipulating her own body on a genetic level and with injecting herself with various samples, she is capable of:

    • Bones that soften to diffuse impact
    • Glands that distribute megadoses of "relaxin" allowing her joints to dislocate with ease
    • enhanced pain threshold
    • she has a neurotoxin in her blood; the paralytic toxin starts from one's toes and eventually works to one's heart, killing a person in 10 seconds
    • Capable of creating containment fields (force fields)
    • Energy Blasts
    • Ability to sense and track others with a sample belonging to them (not proven but said to do so)

    June Covington is also a skilled scientist with toxins and is able to create her own brand of toxics that others couldn't even fathom.


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