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    Jun is a student at Morning Glory Academy. His real name is actually Hisao and his older twin brother is named Jun. He seems to know more about the academy than he lets on.

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    Before Morning Glories Academy

    The boy that would become known as Jun to others started out as a rambunctious child named Hisao and grew up with his mother and his more mild mannered twin brother Jun. One day his home was paid a fateful visit by none other than Ms. Daramount and Mr. Gribbs. Both had come to take both boys to the prestigious Morning Glory Academy. However after an off-handed comment made by their mother, Ms. Daramount and Mr. Gribbs decided that only Hisao would be enrolling in the school. Discouraged by this their mother decided than neither would be attending on the grounds that she didn't want them to be separated. On hearing this Ms. Daramount attempted to persuade her to reverse her decision.

    However, she remained adamant which forced the academy faculty to take drastic measures. Hisao arrived just in time to see the end of the violent scene as Mr. Gribbs beat his mother. He ran as Mr. Gribbs gave chase. Hisao reached his brother's room first and proceeded to change tops with him in the hopes of fooling the villainous duo. When Mr. Gribbs arrived Hisao had hidden under the bed and Jun was taken in his place. To make sure no evidence could be linked to them Ms. Daramount lit the house on fire. Hisao was saved by the timely intervention of the mysterious Abraham who offered to save his brother, and his life, if he came with him. Having no other choice Hisao agreed and escaped the inferno.

    Some time later Hisao was in training with Abraham's forces. He was apparently considered quite skilled as he excelled in every task given to him. However, this seemed to catch the attention of a boy named Guillaume, who constantly teased and bulled Hisao. One day, the two had an altercation after Hisao wished to show Abraham the target he fired at. The end of the fight isn't shown, but Hisao later states that he (Guillaume) did not succeed in taking the target. That same day Guillaume was chosen, among six other candidates, to attend the Morning Glories Academy. Strangely, Hisao seemed distraught over this. The reason was made clear when before leaving Guillaume kissed him prior to pushing him to the ground to save face.

    Abraham later approach Hisao as he watched the sunset. He stated that he was probably the last person Hisao wanted to see, but asked the join anyway. Hisao expresses his concern for Guillaume, but Abraham puts him at ease. Hisao continues to show frustration at his situation while Abraham offers his counsel ending by saying, "Whenever you want to do something great--, something good--something that changes things...a sacrifice is always demanded."


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