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    Proper Japanese Title: ジャンプスクエア (ジャンプSQ.)

    Jump SQ (pronounced Jump Square, though the letters are sometimes used to stand for Supreme Quality) was launched in late 2007, serving as a replacement for the long-running Monthly Shonen Jump which had ended a few months earlier. Like its predecessor it is published monthly and it has been home to several franchises which had begun serialization in that magazine.

    Aimed at an older shonen audience (older teenage and young adult males), Jump SQ has different standards for its content than Weekly Shonen Jump. For example, To Love-Ru Darkness which runs in the magazine, features explicit nudity in its ecchi situations whereas the original To Love-Ru which was featured in Weekly Shonen Jump years earlier was much less graphic.

    Overall, the magazine focuses a lot on series that are in the dark fantasy or supernatural subgenre, though it publishes other genres. As chapters are routinely longer than in a weekly magazine, Jump SQ has the odd feature of regularly featuring multiple chapters of the same series (usually consecutively) in the same issue, as opposed to just featuring one longer chapter.

    Jump SQ has also had an abundance of special issue spin-offs, often very short-lived. Though these usually publish one-shots, it is common for them to all feature serials which have often been moved from or later moved to another magazine in the Jump SQ family. Some serials even passing between three or four different Jump SQ magazines. Though the only currently ongoing spin-off is Jump SQ.Crown, previous specials include: Jump SQ.II, Jump SQ.19 (V1 and V2), Jump SQ.LaB, Jump SQ. Comic Selection and Jump SQ.M.

    Note: The numbering for this series is set up as year and then month, 201301 for January 2013.

    Titles originally serialized in this magazine include:


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