Jumbo Carnation

    Character » Jumbo Carnation appears in 118 issues.

    A famous mutant fashion designer. His death was used to create the Omega Gang, which lead to the Xavier School riot.

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    Jumbo Carnation was a mutant fashion guru and flamboyant young entrepreneur based out of Mutant Town in New York City. He gained some notoriety in and out of the mutant community, and appeared on some TV talk shows. He designed clothing geared specially towards mutants such as shirts with more than two arm sleeves, tentacle stockings, and wing gloves, often sold at X-Factory stores.

    One night after leaving a club, Jumbo was attacked on the street by a group of humans. He began choking, and was left for dead by his attackers. After Beast conducted an investigation he discovered that in actuality, Jumbo died from an overdose of the drug Kick and not from the attack by the humans .

    Dawn of X

    Jumbo has been successfully resurrected on Krakoa and is working as Emma Frost's personal stylist.

    Powers & Abilities

    Jumbo possessed two sets of fully operational arms, and Teflon-like skin that felt hard and plastic to the touch.


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