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    Julie Strain is an american actress and model. She has modeled for many comic artists.

    Heavy Metal 

    The heroine, Julie from Heavy Hetal, was modeled by Julie Strain, who provided the voice for the heroine in the movie, and the game is linked to Heavy Metal Magazine 
    Using a variety of weapons, Julie is in her quest to save her home planet. F.A.K.K.² stands for Federation-Assigned Ketogenic Killzone to the second level, and is the alias both of the heroine, Julie, and also her homeworld. Julie has previously fought a 'would-be God' named Tyler, and brought the remnant of her people to a planet called Eden. This planet is camouflaged by a FAKK2 beacon and made to look like a biohazard-strewn wasteland in the hope that it will remain hidden from Tyler and his master Gith, who are still at large. Gith runs a hyper-corporation called Gith Industries whose 'employees' are little more than slaves. He scavenges the universe in a ship composed of three-quarters of a planet, and is headed for a place called Na'ChThraThull, or the 'place of the soft machines'. This will turn out to be Eden. Meanwhile the people of Eden have made a startling discovery: the waters of the planet have strange properties, and they have restored the youth and prolonged the lives of the survivors.


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