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    Julie Newmar! aka Catwoman. Has starred in her own time traveling comic book adventure!

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    The origin story of Julie Newmar ties in exactly with that of her historical story. In the 1960s she achieved a certain level of fame and cult status for playing Catwoman in the Batman television series. This is also the only noteworthy role for which she is known the remainder being B-list movies or television shows. She is known for being an active gardener in her old age, so much so that in real life she was engaged in a property dispute with a famous neighbour.

    Julie is informed that she is the first test subject.
    Julie is informed that she is the first test subject.

    At the beginning of her series she is gardening when she is pulled through a mysterious portal. She is brought to the past and de-aged and it is explained to her that during the early 1960s that there were tests into time travel which were ultimately successful. She was chosen as the first human test subject but was brought back from the modern day instead of using the contemporary version.


    She is based on the real life person. Her first appearance was in issue #4 of the Mis-Adventures of Adam West published by BlueWater Productions in 2012.

    Character Evolution

    The character is inspired both by the real life Julie Newmar and the television series from the 1960s. The real life person is known as an icon in the homosexual community for her catsuits and femininity. The character from the show was known for a certain level of campiness.

    Major Story Arcs

    As of yet she has not been involved in any story past her introductory issue.

    Power and Abilities

    As of yet not specifically defined, she nonetheless presumably has the conditioning of a woman in her athletic prime, and might have some skills related to portraying Catwoman. She also has access to time travel technology.


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